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Fifth Hammer Brewing Company, Long Island City NY

Craft Brewery located in Long Island City.  Working with the owners to build out the aesthetic features of the space, the challenge was to create a welcoming taproom for large groups while visually connecting to the brewery side to display the active processes involved.  With a very tight budget, the majority of materials used were salvaged including the antique bluestone bartop (former sidewalk slabs), stained bar siding (salvaged pallet wood), and the cedar brewery doors (former NYC water tower tank wood).  The aged materials brought a patina that matched the rough and industrial style of the existing space.  The taproom now hosts large gatherings and is open to the public 7 days a week!

Grove Pavilion, Dobbs Ferry, NY

The Mercy College Campus located in Dobbs Ferry, NY has a historic campus overlooking the Hudson Valley.  Formerly a large estate, the campus has sprawling meadows, heritage trees, and beautiful views.  The Grove portion of the campus hosts many of their largest heritage trees whose shade encourages active use in the summer months.  With events, camps, and student activities, the site was often over-used to the detriment of the landscape and canopy trees.  Designing a large pavilion within the grove section of campus seeks to create a gathering space, event hall, and shelter from rain and heat.  Located in close proximity to the large canopy trees, the pavilion is constructed with the tree protection plan of a certified arborist.  The pavilion is a heavy timber structure providing an homage to the surrounding landscape.

Flower Hill Residence, Long Island, NY
Greenwich Residence, Greenwich, CT

Located on the North Shore of Long Island, the Flower Hill Community is a tightly knit and organized incorporated village.  Working with the client as new owners of the house and property, the site was a major issue for their family.  Being very active in sports, a large active lawn space was needed to host those activities.  This was a challenge given that the property was situated as a corner lot.  Using a series of retaining walls, the grade was increased by eight feet in the back corner to create a large lawn that stretched from the rear of the house to the side and eventually the roadside.  Installing mature planting, the property no longer acted as a corner lot.  Key design features included a custom designed pergola, large outdoor patio with a custom outdoor BBQ and kitchen, and new hardscape/planting throughout.  

Located in the downtown area of Greenwich, CT, the house is on a very small lot (0.17 acres) in a tight development.  Unique to the Greenwich area, this neighborhood is one of the few residential neighborhoods that has sidewalks and tightly spaced single family homes.  With sidewalks connecting directly to Greenwich Ave, pedestrian traffic in front of this house is frequent.  This house was originally built in 1924 and renovated with a small addition in the 1980s.  With no clear hierarchy of spaces, or organized flow through the house, the clients elected to do a gut renovation, opening up the rooms and creating new connections.  The house and site were completely renovated and a new facade and addition was placed on the back of the house while keeping the original quaint facade facing the street.  Key design features include: lowering the basement floor with a benched footing to gain proper ceiling height, removing and adjusting wall locations, removal rearrangement of the staircases, and a consolidation of rooms to create a more organized layout.  

Hackley School, Tarrytown NY